Representing New Jersey Clients In Family Law Matters

Divorce impacts the whole family and major issues must be addressed to conclude the matter. Matters, including alimony, division of marital property, child support, and child custody can be too emotional for some and that may lead to contested court cases.

When you need a compassionate firm with years of experience guiding clients through family law, Cohn Lifland is here to serve. Our dedicated attorneys will work to ease your stress while offering effective representation that will protect your rights and interests. Cohn Lifland has provided New Jersey with quality legal services for over 90 years. The firm has spent that time establishing an esteemed reputation for commitment and excellence.

  • Divorce

    • Deciding that divorce is necessary is seldom an easy decision. You may be concerned about how such a decision will affect your finances, your property, your retirement or your children. Cohn Lifland's dedicated and experienced family law group can help you navigate the legal process of divorce.
  • Property Distribution

    • Not all property is subject to equitable distribution and not all property is equally shared. Do you have questions about an inheritance or gift you received or property you owned prior to getting married? Do you want to know how your business, debt, home and retirement assets will be handled? The Cohn Lifland family law group can help you determine what assets and debts are subject to equitable distribution and how the property should be divided.
  • Spousal Support

    • Spousal support or "alimony" is an amount of money that one spouse pays to the other spouse for his or her reasonable needs. The court may award one or more of the following types of alimony: open durational alimony, rehabilitative alimony, limited duration alimony or reimbursement alimony. The determination of the amount of spousal support can become a complex and contested issue primarily because there is no set equation to calculate spousal support.
  • Child Custody

    • The determination of the custody and parenting time arrangement is a fact-sensitive analysis, and the primary concern is the best interests of the children. Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 9:2-4, in any proceeding involving the custody of a minor child, the rights of both parents are equal and a parent will not be deemed unfit unless that parent's conduct has a substantial adverse effect on the child.
  • Child Support

    • Child support is calculated pursuant to the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines. These complex Guidelines take certain amounts into account and the amount of time each parent spends with the child or children to arrive at the amount of child support. The amounts factored in, where applicable, include income of the parties, taxes, spousal support, work-related child care expenses, the cost of the child's health care and any child support obligations to other children.
  • Modification and Enforcement

    • Once you are divorced, you may require the Court's assistance. Perhaps your former spouse is not following the terms of the divorce agreement. Maybe certain events in your life warrant a change to the terms of your divorce. In such instances, you may need to initiate what is called a "post-judgment" action.
  • Mediation

    • Mediation is one of many methods parties can use to resolve the conflict that occurs in families, whether they are intact families, families currently going through the divorce process or restructured families who have gone through the divorce.

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