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Medication Errors

On behalf of Cohn Lifland Pearlman Herrmann & Knopf LLP | Aug 14, 2017 |


We all know that medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, physician’s assistants, etc., go through years of schooling and training in order to be considered qualified to perform their jobs. This gives us a level of trust in that the medical professional handling your matter will not make any mistakes when administering medication.

Whether you are in the hospital for a major complex procedure or something simple, you will likely be on some form of medication. Before or after the procedure, you may need some form of specialized medication, anesthesia, or just a painkiller. Doctors and nurses need to make sure that they are aware of any of the allergies that the patient may have. For example, there are many people who are allergic to anesthesia, which is a major part of many surgeries. If a medical professional had not checked on allergic reactions or gives the wrong dosage, the patient may end up in worse condition than they started.

After a surgery, a patient may be on a specific medication that is administered to them by a nurse. If the nurse makes a mistake and mixes up one patient’s medication with another, the consequences can be detrimental and life-threatening. Unfortunately, negligence happens all the time because of mistakes in paperwork, over-worked staff, or failing to properly follow a dosage amount or schedule.

If you have been the victim of a medication error in New Jersey and suffered additional damage to your health, you may want to consider bringing a lawsuit against the negligent party. If you lost a loved one because of a hospital’s medication error, you may have a wrongful death claim. Contact an experienced attorney at Cohn Lifland who can provide you with assistance during this difficult time.