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Protecting The Rights Of Dog Bite Victims

Unfortunately, some owners cannot control their dogs, and that lack of control results in the injuries of others. Dogs are wonderful additions to people’s homes and often become a member of the family. As irresponsible people continue to get dogs, more and more people get injured by dogs who have not been trained properly or are trained to be aggressive. If you have been attacked by a dog, seek medical attention. After you have tended to your immediate needs, get information from the owner, including their name, address and the type of dog that attacked you. Talk to any other witnesses who were present and document where and when it occurred. Owners are ultimately responsible for their dog’s behavior.

If a dog is aggressive and bites you, you could face injuries that may affect your life and livelihood. Some dogs have the capacity to tear tendons and nerves or cause serious disfiguring scarring. You could endure permanent injury and be burdened with mounting medical bills and lost wages while you recover. If you need representation, contact Cohn Lifland for quality legal services.

Who Is Responsible For A Dog’s Actions?

Though dogs are a wonderful addition to the family, the wrong owner can make for a dangerous animal. There are rarely bad dogs, but there are many bad owners. There are too many owners who disregard the laws and responsibility that come with owning a dog. If a dog is out in a public place, it must be on a leash and the owner must exercise control at all times. Some dog owners are even required to use muzzles on their dogs to protect the people around them. If a dog bites you in a public place, including sidewalks, the owner is strictly liable for any damages that occur from the incident. Even on private property, dog owners are generally strictly liable for injuries caused by their dogs. New Jersey also has strict laws about registering dogs and keeping rabies shot information up-to-date. In a situation when a dog seriously injures a person, the owner will be held responsible for damages and the court has the discretion to pronounce the dog as “vicious” or “potentially dangerous,” leading to the possibility of euthanasia.

Contact Cohn Lifland

Cohn Lifland has provided New Jersey with quality legal services for over 90 years. Unfortunately, dog bites occur in high numbers. Depending on the circumstances, the owner may be responsible for the injury, medical bills, lost wages and anything else that can affect the victim in the future. If you have been the victim of a dog bite injury, contact Cohn Lifland for a consultation. Our compassionate attorneys are ready to assess your case and guide you through your options. We are dedicated to our clients. We will passionately represent your interests in court.

Backed by over 90 years of institutional knowledge, experience and professionalism, our dog bite attorneys know the law — and they can help. Contact us online or call 201-845-9600 today to find out how. From our office in Saddle Brook, our lawyers help clients throughout northern New Jersey.