By Erika Piccirillo.

Quarantine can be hard on any relationship, especially for anyone already on the precipice of divorce. For many couples, stay-at-home orders have meant anything but wedded bliss. Instead, quarantine has forced couples into uncomfortably close quarters where the ultimate outcome has become clear – divorce.

You might feel stuck in limbo, but you can prepare for divorce now:

  • Sit down and talk. If you and your spouse are amicable and on the same page about divorcing, this may a good time to sit down and discuss the ideal outcomes for both parties and the best interests of your children. If not, don’t force a conversation that may make quarantine even more stressful. Walk away if you come to an impasse, avoiding increased tensions, and never involve your children in conversations about divorce.
  • Create a budget. One of the most important documents in a New Jersey divorce is your Case Information Statement, which is a snapshot of your financial circumstances, including a breakdown of your monthly expenses and a summary of your assets and liabilities. Getting your Case Information Statement right is critical in the outcome of your divorce. Figure out now what you spent during the marriage on a monthly basis and try to determine what you will need to live reasonably moving forward.
  • Gather financial documents. This is a good time to gather tax returns, pay stubs, bank statements, credit card statements, loan documents, investment account information, and so on. Not only does this go hand-in-hand with creating a budget, but it will help you to understand what your assets and liabilities might be.
  • Declutter and take inventory. Spring is here after all and that normally means spring cleaning. Take the time to organize, donate or throw away unwanted things, and box up sentimental items. Take an inventory of valuables and personal items. This will make things more efficient when you need to discuss a split of personal property and consider separate living arrangements post-quarantine.

If you have determined that divorce is your best option, contact our experienced Family Law Group at Cohn Lifland. We are here to help you look to the future during this stressful time.