There Is No Magic Moment: What Are You Waiting For?

Reaching the decision to dissolve your marriage is not made overnight but rather as a result of a series of events over a period of time.  Feeling indifferent or emotionally detached is a strong sign that your marriage is over.  Even when one spouse has made it clear they want the marriage to end, the other spouse may be in denial and cling to the hope for a reconciliation.  There is no perfect time and no “magic moment.”  Moving forward with a divorce proceeding is a difficult decision, but staying in an unhappy marriage can affect your and your children’s physical and emotional well-being. 

Staying together for the children in a high conflict case may cause more harm than good. Even if you think your children are unaware of what is happening, you can be assured that they know that something is going on and not moving forward can mean prolonging the agony for your children. 

Many people are under the misconception that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the New Jersey court system is not functioning.  While it is correct that the physical courthouses are not open to the public, the courts are conducting business for family and other matters.  All Court filings are completed electronically and court events are being scheduled via virtual platforms such as Zoom.  Attorneys and clients are participating in case management conferences and settlement conferences with the court in addition to virtual mediation and arbitration sessions.

Issues regarding equitable distribution of your assets and debts, alimony, child custody, parenting time and child support are difficult to navigate without a skilled family law attorney who possesses extensive legal and technical knowledge.  At Cohn Lifland we can guide you through this process and advise you of your legal rights with the goal of resolving the outstanding issues through alternative resolution procedures such as mediation and arbitration.  We will provide a personalized approach and assist you in formulating a plan that protects your custody and parenting time and financial interests.  Rather than delay the inevitable, contact the attorneys at Cohn Lifland to discuss the unique aspects of your case.