DIY Divorce in the Age of AI: The Pitfalls of Trying to Use Artificial Intelligence as Your Divorce Attorney

It seems impossible to avoid the constant stream of articles about Artificial Intelligence (“AI”), its moral questions, and the ways that you can use it to your advantage in your personal and professional life. There is no question that AI is booming, with people using ChatGPT to write resumés, cover letters and articles. 

For a person who is considering divorce, it may even be tempting to try a DIY approach with the assistance of AI. After all, isn’t AI smart enough for you to simply type in your inquiry about divorce laws and procedures to be able to be successful in representing yourself in a divorce? The answer is “no.”

While AI is smart, it is not infallible. To provide you with the correct results, you must provide it with the right inquiries. There are nuances to divorce procedures and laws in New Jersey and every other state that must be considered. Without the legal knowledge to ask the right questions and the legal resources to confirm AI’s answers are accurate, a self-represented litigant attempting to use AI is setting themselves up for failure.

In addition, there are undoubtedly things that AI does not and cannot know or help a self-represented litigant understand. For example:

  • While AI may be able to tell you the professional background of the trial court judge assigned to your case, AI has never stood on its feet in a courtroom to make legal arguments in front of your assigned judge.
  • While AI may be able to tell you where your spouse’s attorney went to law school, AI does not have a professional relationship with them built over several years.
  • AI does not know your child. It does not understand their needs or how to apply the best interests standard to your child
  • If your case goes to a plenary hearing, AI will not be in the room to help you present your case, elicit the right testimony, object when necessary, or respond to the surprising statements made by your spouse.
  • If you’re struggling with what to do next, AI does not pick up the phone, walk you through the various strategic options, or hand you a tissue from across the conference room table.
  • If you’re in the Courthouse right before trial trying to negotiate the final terms of a Marital Settlement Agreement, AI will not be by your side to tell you the risks and benefits and give you a handshake when pen gets put to paper.

AI may be many things, but your divorce attorney is not one of them. If you are considering a divorce, contact an experienced professional at Cohn Lifland today to give you the personal touch required in a divorce.