Co-Parenting Facts of Life

Family Law attorney Erika Piccirillo published "Co-Parenting Facts of Life: Access to Technology as a Decision Affecting Best Interest of Child" in the August 22, 2022 issue of The New Jersey Law Journal

New Jersey's latest Comprehensive Health and Physical Education learning standards, which include Social and Sexual Health Education guidelines, are set to take effect in September 2022. As a result, many parents are taking another look at when and how much they want their children to learn about sex. However, while parents are contemplating what they believe is appropriate for children to learn in schools, they may be overlooking what their children are learning right under their noses on the internet, and how that could be affecting their mental health. This is particularly true for children of dual households following divorce, who often have access to cell phones or tablets at an impressionable age. Click here to read the article.