If you are pulled over because of a traffic violation, you face various fines and penalties. New Jersey law enforcement is proactive and aggressive when handling moving violations. Depending on your violation, you could face between two and five motor vehicle points, which can affect your driving privileges and your insurance costs. In some instances, you will be subject to pay a New Jersey state surcharge.

If you have received a ticket, contact Cohn Lifland to handle the matter. We will use all legal means to downgrade the violation or have it dismissed altogether.

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Point Schedule

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Cohn Lifland has handled countless municipal matters for New Jersey clients. Traffic violations can financially impact a person’s future. If you face a traffic violation, the skill of an effective attorney can be invaluable in your case. Often, tickets can be downgraded through the effective negotiating skills of a Cohn Lifland attorney. If you face a traffic violation and need quality legal services, contact Cohn Lifland today. We will evaluate your situation and represent your interests by working to downgrade or dismiss the charges.

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