For many years, Cohn Lifland’s Personal Injury Group has successfully represented those who have suffered injury or death caused by the negligence of others, obtaining millions of dollars in awards following settlement or trial.  We regularly represent clients who have been harmed due to motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents, defective products and medical malpractice, as well as many other dangerous situations.

We provide a high level of professional skill, experience and service to our clients from the inception of our relationship.  Our attention to detail and expertise in the preparation of each case contributes to the best possible result.  We are willing and able to bring our cases to trial and have the courtroom experience to prove it.

If you have been injured due to the negligence of another, you may be able to recover damages related to medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. You deserve an aggressive, persistent and passionate law firm that is unyielding when advocating on behalf of clients.

Auto Accidents

Accidents involving motor vehicles happen every day. New Jersey has struggled to keep up with the growing demand on its roads. Our roads are congested and those who frequent the major thoroughfares and small side streets constantly face obstacles, hazardous conditions and irresponsible drivers. If you have been involved in an auto accident, you could endure major injuries that can impact your life and livelihood.

Slip & Fall Accidents

The sidewalks, parking lots and retail stores of New Jersey can sometimes be treacherous to navigate. A victim can sustain a serious injury by walking down his or her own street. Those who are hurt in slip and fall or trip and fall accidents can face the burden of lost wages, overwhelming medical bills and future physical ailments. New Jersey governmental entities are protected by laws that require Notices of Claim to be filed within short time frames after your accident. If you have been the victim of a slip and fall or trip and fall, you may be able to recover damages. Don’t sit idly; contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Dog Bite Injuries

Unfortunately, some owners cannot control their dogs and that lack of control results in the injuries of others. Dogs are wonderful additions to people’s homes and often become a member of the family. As irresponsible people continue to get dogs, however, more and more people are injured by dogs who have not been trained properly or are trained to be aggressive. If you have been attacked by a dog, seek medical attention. After you have tended to your immediate needs, get information from the owner, including their name, address and the type of dog that attacked you. Obtain information from any witnesses who were present and document where and when it occurred.

Workplace Accident

New Jersey workers have jobs with varying demands and risks. Some jobs are dangerous, and those workers deserve protection against injuries that might occur during business hours. Injuries sustained during work can cause unforeseen physical and financial burdens that can impact one’s life and livelihood. If you get hurt on the job, you may be able to recover damages for pain and suffering, medical treatment and lost wages. Workers’ compensation protects workers and employers when someone is hurt while working. In some cases, a third party may also be responsible for your injuries caused by their neglect.

Wrongful Death

When a family loses a loved one, it is an overwhelming event for all involved. It is devastating to lose a parent, child or spouse. When the deceased is also the family’s breadwinner, the financial loss can bring ruin and bankruptcy to the family. If you have lost a loved one due to the negligence of another, it is imperative that you consult with an attorney to protect your family’s rights.

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