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Truck accident in New Jersey claims life of motorcyclist

A motorcyclist was killed in Hampton, New Jersey, after a truck collided with her a couple of weeks ago. The accident happened on Route 206 and is still under investigation by the police. At this time, there are no answers to pertinent questions, such as: why did the wreck occurred in the first place? Are criminal charges being considered for the truck driver?

What we know for sure, however, is that this story is yet another tragic example of the dangers posed by trucks and the incredible risk that motorcyclists take on when they go out on the road. Motorcyclists have virtually no safety equipment, with the exception of a helmet and a padded jacket. Aside from those two things, they are open to tremendous, catastrophic, and even fatal injury when they are involved in a crash.

Awarded alimony? Prepare to track the payments

There are many different issues involved in divorce. And although every case is unique, the number of issues that must be discussed will be myriad in every one. How will property division be handled? Are children involved? What are the custody, parenting time and support parameters? Did the spouses sign a prenuptial agreement before they walked down the aisle?

And then there is the matter of spousal support, which is not guaranteed to be involved or awarded in any given divorce-much like all the issues mentioned above. But when it is involved, it behooves the spouses to consider the 14 factors that go into determining the amount of spousal support that can be awarded in New Jersey. 

Has road safety plummeted in the last two years?

Fatal car accident statistics used to portray our highways as a dangerous and treacherous battle ground. In the 1960s and 1970s, fatal car accidents were occurring at a rate of 40,000 to 50,000 every single year. It wasn't until the 1990s that fatal accident statistics dropped into the low 40,000s every year, and by 2008 it dropped below 40,000. And the rates remained consistently below that threshold--until the last several years, that is.

The mid-90s to mid-twenty-tens was heralded as a sort of "golden age" for road safety, one that wouldn't stop given the amazing technological advancements in motor vehicle safety. However, that belief may have been incorrect.

Bankruptcy: A viable option for handling serious credit card debt

Credit cards are a major cause of debt in the United States. Many people apply for credit cards to build their credit or help them get through a difficult financial stretch. However, what might start off as an innocent pursuant and a modest line of credit can easily turn into debt that grows out of control and causes major problems for an individual or family.

People don't start off thinking they're going to end up in serious debt. Many have good jobs and solid finances. The problem is the allure of acquiring something before you have the money to actually pay for that something. And doing so can get you into trouble with your finances. 

Birth Injuries in New Jersey

The impending birth of a new baby is usually a very exciting time for a family. Parents often assume that the utmost safety measures and precautions will be taken by doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff during labor and delivery. However, complications can and sometimes do arise leading to birth injuries as a result.

Bankruptcy basics: The pros and cons

It's common to see financial stability and financial independence as virtues. Meanwhile, it's equally common to see debt problems, being short on cash and having trouble paying for life necessities as points of embarrassment.

The truth is, most Americans are carrying thousands of dollars of card debt due to moments when they were short on cash. However, people tend to showcase an image of financial stability while hiding any signs of money problems. Long story short, if you are having debt problems, you're not alone and it's nothing to be ashamed of.

What are the penalties for marijuana possession in New Jersey?

Copy-of-Fotolia_80752093_L-768x512.jpgIn New Jersey, it is unlawful to obtain or possess a controlled substance unless that substance was obtained by a valid prescription from a practitioner. Despite other states recently legalizing marijuana, New Jersey still considers marijuana a controlled dangerous substance for which you cannot obtain a prescription. As a result, there significant penalties for its possession within New Jersey.

What is the impact of social media on my lawsuit?

AdobeStock_117586360-1-768x512.jpegSocial media has the ability to significantly affect litigation and may sometimes provide key evidence in cases. Typically, social media may be used as evidence in personal injury, criminal and divorce matters, but it can be used in any type of case. As a result, it is important to be careful about what you post on social media accounts, including those on Facebook and Twitter.

Sexual harassment in the workplace

AdobeStock_117586360-1-768x512.jpegSexual harassment in the workplace is illegal both under federal and state law. In New Jersey, employees are protected under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination. N.J.S.A. 10:5-1. Sexual harassment may occur to both men and women, whether the alleged harassment was intentional or not. There are generally two types of sexual harassment in the workplace: hostile-work environment sexual harassment and quid pro quo sexual harassment.

Speeding Violations and New Jersey's Motor Vehicle Commission

Copy-of-Fotolia_80752093_L-768x512.jpgIn New Jersey, receiving a ticket for speeding not only results in fines, but also motor vehicle penalty points that accumulate with each violation. The number of points a driver receives increases with excess speeds within New Jersey. A driver who is ticketed going between 1 and 14 miles per hour over the speed limit will receive 2 penalty points. A driver ticketed for driving 15 to 29 miles per hour in excess of the speed limit will receive 4 penalty points. A driver going in excess of 30 miles per hour over the speed limit will receive 5 penalty points. A New Jersey license holder may also be assessed 2 points by the motor vehicle commission if they receive a speeding violation outside of the state.

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