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Uber's massive miscalculation

Independent contractors are business owners in their own right. Fueled by a healthy “gig economy,” they enjoy the freedom, flexibility and unlimited revenue potential that comes with entrepreneurship. With that albeit risky upside, the downside involves little, if any of the rights usually afforded to hourly and salaried employees.

Thankfully for Uber drivers, strength is in the numbers.

The restraint in providing restraint

It is a problem that is hiding in plain sight.

Choosing to travel via train or bus presents risks of serious injuries, yet restraints and the requirements to use them are lacking. Safety standards governing automobiles and airplanes mandate the use of seat belts. Personal motor vehicles provide the added protection of airbags for both drivers and passengers.

When Business Owners Divorce, Who Gets Paid?

If money was a person, how would you describe your relationship? Is friendly, or marked with tension and anxiety? In family law, we deal with that connection constantly, as we discuss alimony, child support, equitable distribution of assets and debts. Every family has its own method of managing assets, debts, expenses. When spouses divorce, it frequently comes to light that they had dramatically different ideas about money. Money might have caused strife, even if there was plenty to go around. Discussions about dividing assets and debts, and making appropriate arrangements for the support of the whole family, forces husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, to consider how they have acquired, spent and saved their money, and how they think they should be entitled to spend or save it in the future.

Educating each client about economic rights and responsibilities in a family law case takes time and careful attention to personal financial details. When one party owns a business, the details matter a great deal because it is not always simple to determine the value of that business, or the full economic benefit that the family unit obtained from the business income. When family wealth passes between generations, perhaps both spouses do not have the same claims to those funds when dividing marital assets.

Would more lives have been saved if 55 survived?

As an oil crisis gripped the United States in the early seventies, leaders in the nation’s capital were looking for answers to a growing energy problem. Proposed solutions included a ban on ornamental lighting on cars and Sunday gas sales. Discussions began to hone in on lowering the national speed limit. Initial talks focused on the 40 to 55 miles per hour range.

In 1973, the Emergency Highway Energy Conservation Act became the law of the land and launched the National Maximum Speed Law, establishing a uniform speed limit of 55 miles per hour. To ensure that all states complied, federal funding for highway repair became a condition to states implementing the new speed limit. Any state refusing would be denied financial support to maintain their roads.

What if someone doesn't hold up their end of the contract?

When you are in business, there are likely multiple people you contract with on a regular basis.  Whether your contracts constitute a vendor or supplier agreement, involve an arrangement with independent contractors or serve as non-disclosure agreements, your contracts serve to protect you and your concepts through the terms you establish.

However, in some cases, someone could violate an agreement by failing to adhere to the designated terms.  And although a potential breach of contract may be minimal or unintentional, it could devastate your company.  But do you know  how to handle a contract dispute?

Are skyrocketing medical costs discouraging medical care?

While politicians in Washington, D.C. tussle over the state of health care and what form insurance coverage should take, their constituents nationwide continue to be blindsided by medical debts.

The United States has a corner on that market when it comes to Herculean medical costs. Citizens of other developed countries do not experience the stress of ongoing or sudden medical bills. Medical debt is a common and catastrophic denominator in bankruptcy filings.

Honda's history takes another hit

Desiccants are a common presence in many products, yet are rarely seen and often thrown away upon discovery. The substance induces dryness in any environment by reducing the level of moisture in the air. Certain types of clothing will have a small pack in a pocket to protect the material from damage. It also accompanies shipped electronics to minimize humidity. Cocoa, coffee and grains may be packed with them to prevent mold and rot that comes with condensation.

Yet, for all the good that it does, desiccants have their share of limitations, particularly when it comes to their introduction to the automotive industry.

When your family needs privacy, go to arbitration instead of going to Court

Amanda S. Trigg is trained by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers as a Family Law Arbitrator.

Cohn lifland.jpg

Photo credit to Unsplash & @usinglight.

Everyone worries about privacy, passwords, social media security settings, data breaches and sale of our personal information by data mining companies. When we go into the public courthouse during a divorce or other family law problems, we must openly disclose personal information, losing control over who knows important things about us. Why do that, instead of using the confidential option of family arbitration for divorces, custody cases and other domestic disputes?

Arbitration protects against that risk. As an Arbitrator, or as an attorney representing a client in an arbitration, I believe that everyone should think about whether they really want to be in an open courtroom to handle their personal problems, name their children, and explain their sensitive financial documents in a courtroom where anyone could walk in, at any time.

What are 'pain and suffering' damages?

You often hear the term “pain and suffering” when it comes to personal injury damages. But, do you know what it actually means?

Separate from economic damages, which often include medical bills and lost wages, courts will often award pain and suffering damages in a personal injury lawsuit. These damages provide monetary compensation for the physical and mental anguish a person suffers following an injury.

Common Contract Disputes in Construction Litigation

Disputes involving construction projects can be complex. These disputes often arise between a property owner and a contractor, but can also involve subcontractors, property managers, construction managers and even licensed professionals like architects and engineers.

Several factors contribute to disputes arising from construction projects. The most common disputes result from construction defects, project delays and late payments.

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