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Medical Bills in a Car Accident

On behalf of Cohn Lifland Pearlman Herrmann & Knopf LLP | Mar 6, 2017 |


A car accident can be overwhelming. It can take a significant financial toll on those involved. If one is injured in the accident, there will be medical expenses, possible surgical expenses, lost earnings and the diminution of daily life’s activities and enjoyment.

The expenses associated with an automobile accident are divided into two categories. The first category is economic loss, which consists of anything that directly correlates financially with the injuries sustained in the accident. These can include your medical bills, lost wages and hiring any additional help to assist you in daily life. The other type of loss for which you may be compensated in a car accident case is non-economic damages. Under this category is the pain and suffering associated with your injuries and the loss of enjoyment of life, meaning you can no longer do the things you once loved because of your accident-related injuries.

In New Jersey, most people involved in a car accident are covered under personal injury protection (PIP), also commonly referred to as “no-fault” protection. This coverage, obtained through your car insurance pays for medical bills associated with your injuries and a small amount for lost earnings. The great thing about personal injury protection is that you are covered regardless of whether or not you were responsible for the accident.

It is important to retain the services of an experienced personal injury attorney if you have been injured in an automobile accident. They can assist you help you get full compensation for the injuries sustained in the accident. Contact the personal injury attorneys at Cohn Lifland for a free consultation.