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What are class action lawsuits?

fotolia_82523794.jpgWhen a person finds himself in a legal dispute with a business, there is a chance that other people are also having similar issues. If a company commits wrongdoing to a large number of people, those who have been affected may want to consider filing a class action lawsuit.

Bicycle Accident Injuries

bike-1627433_1920-300x225.jpgNew Jersey's vast network of roads makes it easy for residents to utilize a number of transportation options. Many people choose to ride a bicycle as their primary means of transportation. While bicycles are cost-efficient and promote a healthy lifestyle, they do not offer much protection from the cars and trucks that share the road. Bicycle accidents can be very serious and result in long term disabilities or even death.

Surgical Errors

pexels-photo-1.jpgWhen a person goes into surgery, they expect the procedure will go smoothly with no complications. However, surgeries are risky and mistakes occur that have repercussions. Unfortunately, these errors can cause serious damage and have a lasting negative impact on a patient. Such errors may include errors in the administration of anesthesia, nerve damage caused by neglect, performing the wrong surgery, performing a surgery incorrectly, or even as far as conducting an operation on the wrong part of the body or surgery meant for another patient. Victims of surgical errors may face years of problems associated with the awful mistake. Surgical errors may even result in the unnecessary and untimely death of the patient.

Driver Penalty Surcharges

When a person is charged with a driving offense in New Jersey, they are subject to pay a number of surcharges to the state. Many of these surcharges are issued for driving while intoxicated and can quickly become expensive. Other reasons for which the New Jersey Surcharge Violation System (NJSVS) will issue a surcharge may be for driving with an expired license, driving an uninsured vehicle, accumulating points on your license, or driving with a suspended license.

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