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Drunk Driving Defense

How does the legal blood alcohol concentration limit work?

The legal limit for blood alcohol concentration (BAC) does not work the way that many people think that it does. They assume that it means staying under the limit eliminates the chances of a DUI, while going over the limit guarantees one. That’s sim ...

What is reasonable suspicion to conduct a drunk driving stop?

A police officer cannot stop a vehicle for no reason at all. Instead, they need to have a reason to believe that a traffic violation or crime is occurring — or see one in progress. They can initiate a traffic stop once one of those standards is met. ...

Study shows that alcohol impairs driving the next morning

After a night of drinking, you fall into bed, fully assuming that you will be completely sober the next morning. You have to get up to go to work in six hours, but it should be fine. That’s why you’re going to bed, after all. Your friends are ...