How Do I Choose a Family Law Attorney?

Your marriage has deteriorated and is irretrievably broken. You have decided to move forward with a divorce and want to schedule a consultation with a family lawyer. You are overwhelmed by advice from friends and colleagues who have told you their positive and negative experiences with their attorneys, and you want to find an attorney who is the right fit for you. 

You can increase your chances of success by considering the following:

  • Does the attorney specialize in family law? You want an attorney who is experienced in representing clients in matrimonial matters and who is familiar with the court system and has appeared before family part judges in similar cases. At Cohn Lifland Pearlman Herrmann & Knopf, LLP, we have attorneys on our Family Law Team who focus on only that area of the law, some of whom have decades of experience in representing family law clients in the areas of Premarital Agreements, divorce, child support, custody, relocation, domestic violence and other family-related matters.
  • Does the attorney listen to your questions and answer them in a confident manner? Is the attorney patient and responsive to your concerns? You want an attorney who is not only knowledgeable with respect to the relevant law, but also someone who is a good listener, communicates effectively and provides you with a sufficient opportunity to present your concerns and to explain your position.
  • Can you see yourself developing a good working relationship with the attorney and the attorney’s staff? While it is important to select an attorney who is competent and experienced, it is equally important to listen to your instincts and retain an attorney with whom you can develop an effective relationship. This will enable you to have confidence in sharing your concerns and be assured that you are receiving diligent representation.   

After you leave the consultation, take time to reflect on all the information you have gathered about the attorney and the impression you have formed during your meeting. Do you feel confident that your needs will be met and your issues will be resolved in a timely and competent manner? 

The Family Law Team at Cohn Lifland is comprised of dedicated family law practitioners who have significant experience in navigating their clients through family law proceedings. We strive to provide clients with compassionate, skilled representation. Our firm also offers a broad scope of representation in other areas of the law which may impact your family-related matter, such as real estate law, business and employment law and bankruptcy law. Contact the Family Law Team at Cohn Lifland to schedule your consultation regarding your family law matter to ensure that you select an attorney who is competent, experienced, respectful and who can assist you in accomplishing your goals in an efficient, caring manner.