Photo for National v. Local Law Firms: What You Should Know

National v. Local Law Firms: What You Should Know

National law firms have been advertising their services to a greater and lesser extent over the years. The decision to select a national law firm or a local law firm has to be made on a case-by-case basis and t… >

Photo for Unnecessary Deaths

Unnecessary Deaths

Every year thousands of individuals die of cancer that could have and should have been diagnosed earlier. The three most common cancers associated with unnecessary deaths and litigation are Lung Cancer, Breast … >

Photo for Autopsy: Importance in Litigation

Autopsy: Importance in Litigation

If a friend or loved one dies within 24 hours after entering an emergency room: GET AN AUTOPSY That is the only way you will ever really know the cause of death and probably the only way that we as attorneys … >

Photo for Cases Rejected by Other Firms

Cases Rejected by Other Firms

Why would one law firm look at a case rejected by another law firm? The answer is simple—we are not infallible—but more importantly most law firms lack the experience and resources to properly evalu… >