Photo for Repeated Errors / Repeating Physicians

Repeated Errors / Repeating Physicians

These are the two basic truths in medical malpractice litigation. We have gained this information from our own practice and by sharing information with colleagues across the country and the State of New Jersey … >

Photo for State of the Judiciary: The Effect on Your Case

State of the Judiciary: The Effect on Your Case

As I write this blog, it is the beginning of 2023, and we are in the midst of a persistent judicial shortage in the State of New Jersey. For individuals and businesses waiting to have their matters heard, this … >

Photo for Childbirth


As a medical student, you get a rotation on Obstetrics. I was no exception. We were a group of 11 students on rotation for deliveries and as it worked out, I seemed to be called only after 10 PM. I recall one n… >

Photo for Abusing the System

Abusing the System

As a patient you have a problem, and you want to receive care, or perhaps you have a loved one who needs care. You think that if you go to a provider, private doctor or hospital or urgent care center, that you … >

Photo for Litigation Funding

Litigation Funding

As attorneys, we are prohibited from advancing money to a client to assist them in lasting through the long years of the litigation.  Were we to do so, we could be disbarred.  However, some clients w… >

Photo for Missed Fractures

Missed Fractures

I am frequently asked:  How is it possible to miss a fracture?  My response:  Simple. At the time of the initial film the injury may not have been visible on the films.   A fall may h… >

Photo for Longest Trial

Longest Trial

If you are going to represent patients in medical malpractice actions you have to be prepared, with every case taken, that you may have to try the case in court. The attorney who is not prepared to try the case… >

Photo for Stroke Patient to the Hospital

Stroke Patient to the Hospital

The public service announcements routinely advise the audience that if you are with someone who suddenly collapses, who might develop a slurring of speech, a weakness in an extremity, develops blurry vision &md… >

Photo for The Mental Health Scam

The Mental Health Scam

In recent weeks, I have heard advertisements for call-in mental health counseling and was scared as to the potential tremendous abuses and devastating results for the patients who might call and get involved. T… >

Photo for Pregnancy Is a Wonderful Thing...Until It Isn't

Pregnancy Is a Wonderful Thing...Until It Isn't

Pregnancy, child birth and raising a wonderful child are most certainly a blessing. However, errors occur and when they do, they can be disastrous to mother or child.  During my years in medical school, I… >

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