College Dropoff Peace of Mind

Buying bedding, a laptop and mini-fridge may be on your list of things to do before your child heads off to college, but consider this: you are not sending a child away, you are sending a legal adult. Your child is now 18 and though you may be paying the tuition bill, your access to information and decision-making is now limited. While your child is miles away, the college may not allow you to access health care information, educational records and grades. You also may not learn about disciplinary issues before it is too late to remedy them.
However, various legal documents can help ensure that the college will communicate with you and that you will have access to your child’s educational and medical information. Cohn Lifland can help you prepare the documents you need before your child leaves, so that you can have peace of mind while he or she is away. Contact Joseph Maurice at (201) 845-9600 or