At Cohn Lifland Pearlman Herrmann & Knopf LLP, a cornerstone of our practice is our willingness to fight for the rights of consumers against sellers and manufacturers of various products and services. We bring our substantial experience to bear in ensuring that our clients are protected and compensated for injuries arising from defective products.

We have achieved excellent results in leveling the playing field for our clients against adversaries who they might otherwise believe are too powerful.  Product liability injuries can be from products in the home, at work, and in recreational and non-recreational settings. There are several types of defects that can cause injuries. Some claims are based upon a design defect. When a successful claim of a design defect is brought forth, the plaintiff must prove that an alternative design was available, economically feasible and safer than the original design. Some claims involve manufacturing defects. If there is a design or blueprint that describes how a particular product is to be manufactured and instructions were not followed in the actual manufacture of the product that led to an injury, a manufacturing defect claim may be valid.

At Cohn Lifland, our skilled attorneys aggressively represent clients who have been injured by dangerous, defective consumer and industrial products, including tools, machinery and household and recreational products.

Household Products Product Liability

There are quite a few examples of household products, both recreational and non-recreational, that have injured people. There are many instances of children’s toys that were defective or manufactured incorrectly, leading to injuries and even deaths. Lawnmowers, snow blowers, trampolines, baby cribs, microwaves, dishwashers and heaters, to name a few, have caused countless injuries. When these products cause injuries or damage, you need to discuss your case with an experienced product liability attorney to assess the case.

Industrial Products Product Liability

There are countless examples of industrial products that have caused injuries and deaths to workers. Defects in the design or manufacturing of hand tools and saws, scaffolds and ladders, cranes, farm equipment, excavator couplers, manufacturing equipment and construction equipment, just to name a few, have injured and killed workers. If you believe that you were injured because of a defective product on the worksite, speak to an experienced product liability attorney who can evaluate your case.

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