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Surgical Errors

On behalf of Cohn Lifland Pearlman Herrmann & Knopf LLP | Jun 12, 2017 |


When a person goes into surgery, they expect the procedure will go smoothly with no complications. However, surgeries are risky and mistakes occur that have repercussions. Unfortunately, these errors can cause serious damage and have a lasting negative impact on a patient. Such errors may include errors in the administration of anesthesia, nerve damage caused by neglect, performing the wrong surgery, performing a surgery incorrectly, or even as far as conducting an operation on the wrong part of the body or surgery meant for another patient. Victims of surgical errors may face years of problems associated with the awful mistake. Surgical errors may even result in the unnecessary and untimely death of the patient.

It seems unfathomable that such a highly-trained professional could possibly make such a mistake. Unfortunately, these mistakes happen frequently. Although they are not acceptable excuses ,reasons that may lead to an error include fatigue from working long hours, substance abuse, simple neglect and insufficient communication between medical professionals.
If you have been the victim of a surgical error in New Jersey, it is important that you seek the services of an experienced medical malpractice attorney. You may be eligible to receive compensation for your medical bills associated with the error, necessary rehabilitation, and time out of work. In addition, depending on the seriousness of the effects related to the error, you may be able to seek compensation for the impact to your quality of life. If you have questions regarding medical malpractice and surgical errors in New Jersey, contact Cohn Lifland today.